Virginia Junior Classical League

Ubi concordia, ibi victoria.                                 - Roman Proverb

NJCL Convention

Info for all Virginians attending NJCL Convention (note: the tour is cancelled, but all students MUST submit the permission form and pay the Spirit fee)     

Deborah Mason scholarship application

State of Emergency for Editor or Historian



Winter Forum

2015 Winter Forum     



Certamen  2014-2015

Virginia Certamen Information    



VJCL info for Students    


VJCL  Academics

VJCL Convention tests, Certamen information,  and resources to assist students in preparing for certamen and academic contests at VJCL-sponsored events.

VJCL Academics



VJCL Membership 
      (VJCL Dues are $2 per member and $10 for the chapter)

Member-at-large Membership
   (For individuals who do not have a chapter at school)

NJCL Membership 
      (NJCL Dues must be paid directly to NJCL)

Documents & Forms

VJCL Constitution

VJCL Manual


Classical Links

CAV - Opportunities for teachers and students:
Classical Association of Virginia

Virginia Senior Classical League