Virginia Junior Classical League

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.                                 - Vergil Aeneid VI.95

VJCL 2014 Convention

Convention will be held Sunday, November 23 - Monday, November 24 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Convention Info

Fall Council Meeting

The Fall meeting will be held October 4 at Riverbend HS in Spotsylvania, in conjunction with an Olympika event. More information will be available soon.
Olympika Details

Non-Convention Contests:

Schools do not have to attend convention to enter these contests. All entries are due Oct. 25

Digital Scrapbook

Publications Contest
N.B. Deadline for Publications Contest has been extented to Nov. 1

Publicity Contest

Publicity Contest Template

(template helps with organization-optional)

Certamen  2014-2015

Virginia Certamen Information    

VJCL info for Students    

VJCL  Academics

VJCL Convention tests, Certamen information,  and resources to assist students in preparing for certamen and academic contests at VJCL-sponsored events.

VJCL Academics