Virginia Junior Classical League

Ubi concordia, ibi victoria.                                 - Roman Proverb

2015 Convention Information

The Virginia Junior Classical League Convention is November 22-23 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Open the Packet for more detailed information.


Convention Registration

Please follow directions very carefully and fill out ALL required forms.

1. Fill out and send in all required membership forms found on the Membership page by OCTOBER 24.

2. Fill out the Delegate, Meals, and Hotel Fees spreadsheet. Email it to convention[at]virginiajcl[dot]org.

3. Fill out the Registration spreadsheet. Please read the Instructions. Email the spreadsheet to convention[at]virginiajcl[dot]org.

4. Fill out the Sponsor Duties spreadsheet and the Chaperone Duties spreadsheet. Email them to convention[at]virginiajcl[dot]org.

5. Mail Ludi Frivoli registration to Debbie, if applicable. Check packet for other contests with mail submissions.

The deadline to submit all forms is OCTOBER 24th! It is preferable if you can send the four Convention spreadsheets (from steps 2-4) in one email. Gratias!


Dramatic Interpretation

Latin Oratory


Officer Elections

  • At the Virginia Junior Classical League Convention, the offices of President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Parliamentarian will be elected.
  • If you are interested in running for one of these office, look over pages 9-16 of the VJCL manual
  • To pre-file for office, print out and fill in page 10 of the manual. Then either scan it and email it to parliamentarian [at] virginiajcl [dot] org or mail it to:

Andrew Zazzera
1801 Pine Neck Ct
Virginia Beach VA 23454

  • The prefile deadline is October 24th!

Co-Chair Elections

  • Sponsor will also be electing two co-chairs at this year's Convention: State Convention and Finances Co-Chair and NJCL Convention Co-Chair.
  • Please consult pages 21-24 of the VJCL Manual for more information.
  • Please fill out page 24 and email it to convention [at] virginiajcl [dot] org.
  • The deadline to submit your application is October 24th!